It’s privately held company originally. We mainly deal with the Onion and Hot Pepper breeding and selling in India. The focus on quality of our Products. Onkar seeds Company is vertically integrated agricultural seed company which specializes in developing breeding packing and distributing varieties of seeds. Our Major products are Onion Hot Pepper, Okra, Cucumber, Tomato, Water Melon, Tinda, Bitter Gourd, Pea, Summer Squash, Beans, Radish and other vegetable seeds.

we continue to invest in our breeding Programs with the goal of developing more new varieties that feature. superior qualities. At Present it’s well-known for its superb Onion Hybrids,During the Past Years our selecting experts have developed over 50 varieties and Hybrids. However they beep researching and creating new high yield disease -resistant hybrids and production are carried on at the company’s experimental basis.




Partnership is the foundation of our customer philosophy. Our customers are more than simply clients who buy products. They are partners with whom we strive to build a durable relationship based on trust and a positive, mutual return.

Our customers include distributors, dealers and farmers. We aim to ensure the entire supply chain reaps the benefits of the partnership. Thorough knowledge of our different markets all India is therefore a key priority. It is essential to know our customers and understand working of distribution channels in every state enabling us to offer comprehensive, clear, reliable, durable and specific solutions to meet local needs.

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